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Things are moving!

It's been a busy but productive week for the bakery. We've had all manner of tradesmen and contractors come through, preparing for the big push before the holidays. The next couple of weeks should be even busier, as we get started on the electrical work and putting the new ceiling in. I, for one, will be really glad to get an internet connection in the building, since I've been limited to what I can get accomplished with my phone while I'm there.

So the construction and renovation is moving along. On the business side, we've purchased a Point of Sale system and are getting ready for one of the biggest changes most of you will notice when we open - we'll be accepting credit and debit cards! It's our hope that this convenience will make it much easier to order and pay in the store, over the phone and even online! Naturally cash is still always welcome! We will even be mobile, so look for Easton Baking at local events starting in the Spring.

We are also busy working with the recipes in the bakery, making sure we'll be able to deliver the same Easton Baking quality you're used to. In another change, we'll be providing labels and nutrition information - including allergen data - for all of your favorite items.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for your positive comments on our website and through social media! We can't wait to start baking!


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